Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stalls Conquered!

All my reading has paid off!!! Having read entire books that were essentially about stalls (e.g., Stick and Rudder) plus countless magazine and online articles, my fear of them is gone! John and I went out to the practice area this morning and, among other things, we did power on and power off stalls. And I'm fine with them. The fear is gone, for one thing, but I have also learned and memorized all of the control inputs to control them, and today I didn't even go off my heading! We only did a couple, and I'm looking forward to doing more, but I'm not worried about them.

One thing-- John did some "spin awareness" training today. Which means that he demonstrated a stall and then kicked hard left rudder. The plane spun to the left, nose toward the earth. It was, um, startling, a little. It was really only an incipient spin, because about the time the left wing was pointing at the earth, John had given it full right rudder, stopped the spinning tendency, and recovered the plane to straight and level flight.

One thing I know for certain-- I want spin training. But not in this plane, not without parachutes, etc. But it is in my future, that's for sure.

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