Monday, August 21, 2006

God's Toys

From my airline seat on the left side of the aisle, flying home from Boston, I could see a little girl sitting by the window on the other side of the plane. As the airline descended toward touchdown, it was maybe 2,000 feet off the ground when the little girl turned away from the window to her mom sitting next to her and said, "All those little houses and cars and trees, they're God's toys. Because he's so much bigger than us."

My first thought was of hurricanes and floods and tsunamis and plagues, and I thought back to my childhood toys, how I would line them up and then gleefully destroy what I had made, sending plastic bodies flying and plastic vehicles tumbling. I wondered, how old is God anyway to play with his toys this way?

Then I thought about the freedom that comes with flight, and the shrinking of stresses and problems as you rise up above it all and gain a "higher" perspective. So many aviation authors have written about that change in perspective, and it's true.... We pour sweat, blood, and money into our homes, but when seen from a few thousand feet up it all seems to take on a different significance, or as the author I'm reading right now wrote, a "truer" significance. Our homes and cars, our pride and joy, shrink to the apparent significance of mere toys.

Thoughts for the day....


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