Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Own Yellow Airplane!

My child-bride told me she had something special for me, but that I had to leave our condo for a few hours, so I went dowstairs to hang out with my friend Jay and his wife Ceni. A few hours later, I came back into the house to the pleasant smell of a bakery!

She had apparently gotten the mold a month ago, right after I soloed, but she's been (justifiably) occupied with preparing for a second bar exam while holding down a full-time law job. Bar exam's over, and I get a cake!!

To understand how sweet this is, you've got to understand that my wife has had a very hard time with me learning to fly. She's scared of something happening, as are so many people. When I first brought it up last year, she simply said, "No." Then, a few days later she told me that she'd never stop me from doing something I really want to do, and I could take flying lessons if I wanted to. She's been accomodating, to say the least, and somewhat sympathetic when lessons have been cancelled. Lately she's been going to club functions with me, and came out when I had to buy drinks for my entire club after soloing. She's awesome, for despite her fears and misgivings, she's supporting me in this thing I love. I mean, really, what more could I ask?

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